Sunday, March 4, 2018
Meeting minutes of the Spring meeting of the Wisconsin Association of USATF, held at Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The Spring meeting was called to order by President Jay Preston at 1:03 PM. In attendance were the following: Jay Preston, Dwight and Geisla Benning, Peter Henkes, Stan Druckrey, Robert Kern, Tom Willis, Al Fuller, Lisa Bruening, Valentine Zibring and Patrick Pretty.
Motion to approve Fall agenda: Peter Henkes/Stan Druckrey
The Spring meeting minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. Druckrey/Willis
Treasurer-Tom Willis handed out Profit and Loss sheets as well as Balance Sheets for the last 12 months. Items to note is that we had a net profit of $11,537.01. On the balance sheet, we posted an amount of $78,556.22. Motion by Preston/Kern to put $50,000. Into a CD and obtain a better interest rate. Report approved Druckrey/Henkes.
Secretary-Patrick Pretty reported we have 47 active clubs so far in 2018. New clubs will need current NICS and SafeSport checks to be active, current clubs in 2018.  Sanctions are around 45. National office is mandating SafeSport and background checks be given to ALL volunteers who work our meets.
Vice-President-Al Fuller gave a written report on the Region 8 meet in regards to medal count and participation numbers. We had 138 participate out of 150.  Discussion of the handling of parents and/or coaches picking up those athletes of 10 and under. Concern at National JO’s that clubs were only issued 3 coaches wristbands, however more were needed for the bigger clubs. Will be brought up at convention. Discussion on the AAU National meet via Robert Kern on what they did for officials and how they processed the meet better to get done each day by 6pm.
President-Jay Preston. Accreditation continues to be a problem with the National Office when they control the web site but do not allow us to update when we can. We have posted our 2016 990 and 2018 budget as well as having 56 certified officials at present with the UW-Parkside group also enrolling. Concerns include getting into the National web site to enroll for membership, obtain the official’s form to enroll and then do both the background check and SafeSport process. Web site is still and will be in a state of repair for the next two years!
LDR- Peter Henkes-Cellcom had drug testing this fall and was welcome by all athletes. Arionne Allen has left the National Office-she was the person we were working with for the 2019 JO XC meet. Jon Krupa has sold his timing business to Delta Timing. He still might be available to time the National JO meet in 2019. We are planning to run our 2019 Association XC meet at Yahara Hills on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019. There will be a new XC course being developed in northwest Illinois that will be a new site to host Midwest events Development costs exceed 2.9 million. UW-Parkside is also updating and revamping the course and making a push to host larger events than at present. Peter expressed that the LDR committee is now having a current athlete on its site review committee.   U of Wisconsin will host the D1 NCAA XC championship in Madison on November 17th of 2018 while UW-Oshkosh will host the D3 National meet.  We should create in creating an Elite Athlete category for the acceptance of USATF prize money.
Membership-Matt DeWitt. No Report
RaceWalk-Matt DeWitt. No report
Masters-Stan Druckrey.  Outdoor went well About 194 athletes. We had 10 IPC athletes entered. If going to the WMA in Spain the Masters committee is asking to see your hotel booking and airline ticket.
Youth-Al Fuller. Region 8 Information-passed out on numbers and medals. Youth coaches are going to be identified as coaches if they: Passed a USATF Level 1 school, a NFHS coaching program or a USATCCCA level 1 program, or have 10 years of either scholastic or collegiate coaching experience with verification, effective January 2019.
Women Track& Field-Kevin FitzPatrick. No report
Men’s Track & Field- no report.
Marketing-Peter Henkes-we are in need of a person who can reach out to the younger people on twitter and facebook to recruit more athletes to our events. Peter will pursue someone at UW-Parkside unless someone here knows of a person of interest.
OLD BUSINESS-Discussion of going to timed finals in the 100. Moving the short hurdles in front of the 4x800 relay. Moving the triple jump to 9Am, long jump to 10am, Turbo javelin to 945am. High jump would be a section at 9am and the older athletes at 11am.  Keeping the 3rd weekend of June 13-16th for one more year. Numbers were done approximately 80 to 364. Pat will update the XC, Indoor and outdoor brochures. XC at UW-Parkside, Indoor at Carthage and Outdoor at Carroll university.
NEW BUSINESS. Patrick Pretty brought up the request to hold the 2019 National Combined events championship at Carroll on the 2nd weekend. The proposal was discussed and voted down 1-7 and 2 abstention’s. We passed a no refund or transfer policy for all 3 meets we host. Pat will attend the Associations workshop and we have 13 people to attend convention including P. Henkes, S. Druckrey, Dwight & Giesla Bennin, R. Kern, L. Bruening, A. Fuller, J. Preston, P. Pretty, S. Brinen, K. FitzPatrick, R. Pirrung and V. Zibung. Budget @$500 per person. Discussion on Carroll’s bill for the outdoor, Patrick will contact them. Motion to obtain 8 new radios for the meets-passed Druckrey/Dwight Benning. Discussion on Senior Olympics meet. Elections then took place to accept slate of J. Preston/President, A. Fuller/V-P, P. Pretty/Secretary, Treasurer-Katie Vannucchi, At-Large members include P. Henkes, L. Bruening and V. Zibung. Motion passed Kern/Dwight B.
2018 convention is in Columbus, Ohio. Motion to adjourn. Willis/Druckrey at 3:55pm.