2016 Wisconsin USATF FALL Agenda
 Sunday, August 14, 2016
Country Springs - Pewaukee


I.          Call to order: Introductions if needed. Board members.
II.         Roll call of members (by exception if called for)
III.       Motion for Change of Order of Business (when required)
IV.       Approval of minutes from Spring, 2016

V.         Wisconsin USATF Officer’s Reports

A.     Treasurer’s Report & Update-expenses & cash on hand.
B.      Secretary’s Report
C.      Vice President’s Report
D.     President’s Report

VI.       Standing Sports Committee Reports

A. Men’s LDR, & Women’s LDR & XC
B. Race Walk/Membership/Media
C. Masters Track and Field
D. Sports Medicine
E. Youth Athletics
F. Officials
G. Men’s Track & Field
H. Women’s Track and Field
I. Combined Events, Club Memberships and Sanctions
J. Marketing
K. Web update
M. Other [Legal, Course Certification, WISTCA liaison, Athletes at Large,]

VII.      Old Business

A. 2016 Association Outdoor T & F meet &
B. Region 8 meet at Mankato, MN
C. Brochure for XC meet-Nov.6, 2016
D. Brochure for Indoor meet-February 7 or 14, 2017
E.  Use of/purchase of more laser’s
F.  Accrediation status

VIII.     New Business

 A. 2017 site for Region 8 JO Track and Field meet
 B.. 2016 Associations Workshop –at Orlando, November 30                                                              
 C. 2016 USATF Convention in Orlando  from Dec.1-4th-Thurs-Sun
 D. USATF National Office update
 E.. Announcements
IX. Elections

X.    Saving Clause Resolution (if needed)

XI. Adjournment