Sunday, March 6, 2016
Meeting minutes of the Spring meeting of the Wisconsin Association of USATF held at Country Springs
Hotel in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The Spring meeting was called to order by President Jay Preston at
1:03pm. In attendance were the following: Jay Preston, Tom Willis, Glenn Rindfleisch, Dwight and Geisla
Benning, Kevin FitzPatrick, Peter Henkes, Mary Stroud, Jason Gosa, Frank Furdek, Marlon Pitchford and
Patrick Pretty.
The Spring meeting minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. Glenn Rindfleisch/Dwight Benning
Treasurer: Tom Willis presented the treasurer’s reports for Profit and Loss and Balance sheets as of
March 1, 2015. XC posted loss of $2,940.13, Indoor track posted a +$148.46 and Outdoor track posted a
loss of $1,620.62. Both reports were approved. Peter Henkes/Giesla Benning
Secretary: Patrick Pretty covered the new marketing kit. Accreditation has begun and is running into
concerns over the 9 standards. We have 28 current clubs registered for 2016 with 2 awaiting approval
items. Discussion on background checks, approval and SafeSport. We did 97 sanctions in 2015 and at
present have 38 in 2016.
Vice-President; Al Fuller was excused. His written report included dates for 2016, with Region 8 at
Minnesota State University, Mankato, Fall XC at Hoover, Al and 2017 JO’s at U of Kansas at Lawrence.
President: Changes are coming,We have decided to go with the USATF National Web site link to our
Association. When implemented is still unknown. Ronn Blaha will still manage our site. Discussion on
change to and as the entry links to Youth. Masters is still undecided as what is
available to meet entry and will check on DOB as well for these athletes.
LDR/XC-Peter Henkes gave his report on LDR. This year’s LDR award winners are Caitlin Comfort, Noami
Fulton, Tyler Mueller and John DeWitt. Masters LDR winners were Jason Ryf of Oshkosh and Jennifer
Chaudoir of Green Bay.
RW/Membership-Matt DeWitt- Jay Preston read his report-have several races this summer planned-see
web site. We are hosting the National one hour RW championship August 13 th at South Milwaukee HS.
Media-Glenn Rindfleisch is seeking a replacement with media skills. Matt DeWitt does a lot of that as
well per discussion held around the table.
Masters-Stan Druckrey-not present/no report
Youth-Al Fuller was excused-Jay Preston gave information on upcoming meets. Hershey Youth Nationals
in Lancaster, Pa at Millersville U- June 28-July 3rd, Region 8 at Mankato, MN-July 7-10, National JO’s at
Sacremento, CA July 25-31. Fall XC In Hoover, Al on December 10. In fall XC-the older 2 age groups-15-
16 and 17-18 are to be combined to one age group for CLUB purposes only. Individuals will still have to
run in separate races.
Officials-Jay Preston-we have 69 certified officials for this current Olympiad. Discussion then involved
that renewal after this Olympiad will begin with testing online. Discussion of new rules in 2016.
Men’s T/F-Jason Gosa-A Standards, cut-off date is June 26 th , and discussion on tiered athletes.
Women T/F-Kevin FitzPatrick-Money for tiered athletes and Olympic Trials update.
MUT-Roy Pirrung was excused. There is a 100k and 50k in Madison and is a selection event as well. Date
is April 9 th . We also do the Ice Age Trail 50K-May 7 th and then the Fall 50 miler-October22nd. In rules this
year-snowshoeing was approved and we await its linking to the National NGB for Snowshoeing.
Web-we are going ahead to link with the National Office connecting to our Web site.By Mid-April?
COMMITTEE REPORT’S APPROVED: Geisla and Dwight Benning. Passed unanimous.
Discussion on the indoor meet at Carthage. Meet went will, a lot of positive comments. Pole Vault went
extremely well. Done 4:35pm
Outdoor meet-discussion on updating flyer and utilizing for the first time. New procedures
for setting up meet info, club and club athletes. Will be a learning process for all involved.
XC meet-Staying at UW-Parkside and now the 15-16 and 17-18 can run as a Team under the new USATF
rule. Motion to stay at UWP. Kevin FitzPatrick/Tom Willis-Passed unanimous.
Convention this year will be huge, with new chairperson’s elected in almost all divisions as well as
President. Plan on staying until after noon on Sunday. Also workshops on Wed for Youth and AEC.
Looking at Region 8 meet in 2017-possible sites we have considered include UW-Madison, LaCrosse and
Oshkosh. Other include Carroll U, St. Norbert’s and Beloit College.
Motion by Dwight and Geisla Benning to raise WI USATF official payment to $100 for Indoor and $100
for the first 3 days of Outdoor Meet (Thursday-Saturday) with Sunday at $75 fee. Passed unanimous
Discussion of having a Training Session for the use of the LASAM and handheld lasers-looking at either
Thursday or Friday of the outdoor meet-after the CE sessions.
Also looking into using the Field Lynx for the Saturday/JO session
Motion to adjourn: Giesla Benning/Kevin FitzPatrick approved 3:16pm
Submitted by Patrick Pretty, WIUSATF Secretary 3/07/2016