2016 MUT Report

Orlando, Florida, Dec 1-4, 2016
Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Attached is the schedule of MUT Championships to be held in 2017/18.

In meetings with MUT Council the bids were presented and voted upon. I was asked to speak to the bids of the Birkie and also Mad City 100k. The Birkie was going up against a 3-year bid from Moab, UT and won. Mad City was unopposed and won.

In other business the Council discussed funding issues for all of its teams, Mountain, Ultra and Trail and the lack thereof. A one time "bonus" was approved by the AA (Athletes Advisory Committee) and money designated for Olympic athletes, voted upon by AAC body, will allow a one time "bonus" to MUT of $90,000. Currently about two-thirds of expenses for national teams are covered. It takes $120,000 per year to totally fund the teams.

Another item was brought back to the table. This was discussed several years ago and has resurfaced. The issue being younger athletes competing at ultras, against their coaches' wishes, but sometimes with the blessings of their parents. After discussion with the rules committee, it was decided to again table it, but send the information to the science board for their input. Those on the ultra side of the sport are not in favor of allowing those under 19 to compete at certain distances and not allow records to be set by those 18 or younger in events beyond a marathon. This again will be reviewed by the MUT Council and Rules and because it was brought up this year can be implemented next year, if all the wording for a new rule is agreed upon.

Mike Scott won his bid for the LDR Division Chair over newcomer Teddy Mitchell a 16 year veteran of the AAC.

In AAC elections Traci Falbo, unopposed, was reelected to her position as an event leader for MUT. Her counterpart, Roy Pirrung, successfully defended his position as Men's MUT Event Leader, opposed by Joe Fejes, the 6-day American Record Holder.

AAC Olympic athletes were given an opportunity to join the USATF Speakers Bureau, headed by Dan O'Brien. Also all attendees were asked to join the app SLACK for better communication with the leadership and within their event discipline.

AACs body voted to go on record in favor of the Copenhagen Reform that would separate the IOC from WADA giving them complete independence in lieu of may improprieties over the past two Olympiads and were encouraged to sign a petition to that effect.

At the USATF Breakfast Awards Ceremony, MUT presented its Ultra Runner of the Year Award to Camille Herron. Other categories were presented at one of the meetings, including Tony Magliozzi, Male Ultra Runner of the Year, who won the IAU 50k World Championships.

At the 2016 Jesse Owens Awards Banquet, 1500 meter Olympic Gold Medalist Matthew Centrowitz won the 2016 USATF Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year, while Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder Michelle Carter garnered 2016 USATF Jackie Joyner-Kersee Female Athlete of the Year. Tonja Buford-Bailey was the Nike Coach of the Year, Sydney McLaughlin was Youth Athlete of the Year and Masters Athlete of the Year, 80+ Irene Obera, won for the second time. the last time in 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Roy Pirrung
USATF AAC MUT Event Leader
Attachments area
100K Trail Bandera 1/7/2017 Bandera, TX
100M Trail Rocky Racoon 2/4/2017 Huntsville, TX
50K Trail Fourmidable 50K 2/18/2017 Auburn, CA
50K Road Caumsett State Park 50K 3/5/2017 Lloyd Harbor NY
100K Road Mad City 100K 4/8/2017 Madison, WI
50M Trail Cayuga Trails 50 6/3/2017 Ithaca, NY
Mountain Cranmore Mountain Race 6/3/2017 North Conway, NH
24 Hour North Coast 24-Hour 9/9 or 9/16/17 Cleveland, OH
Half Marathon Trail Birkie Trail Run 9/30/2017 Hayward, WI
50M Road Tussey MountainBack 10/??/17 Boalsburg, PA
Marathon Trail Moab Trail Marathon 11/4/2017 Moab, UT
100K Trail Bandera   Bandera, TX
100M Trail Rocky Racoon   Huntsville, TX
50K Road Caumsett State Park 50K 3/4/2018 Long Island, NY
24 Hour North Coast 24-Hour 9/8 or 9/15/18 Cleveland, OH
Marathon Trail Moab Trail Marathon 11/3/2018 Moab, UT