2016 Masters Report


2016 USATF National Convention


The Convention was held in Orlanda, Florida this year.  I attended all Masters Track & Field General Sessions, parts of sessions on Youth Athletics, and an Official session on proper clerking

The Opening Ceremony on Thursday evening got the convention off to a great start.  A video showing the outstanding performances from all the major meets in 2016 was very impressive.  Chairman of the Board Steve Miller gave a very informative and entertaining speech.     

The morning session on Friday was mainly devoted to speeches from the candidates for Masters Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.  Rex Harvey & Robert Thomas ran for Masters Chair.  Rex won the election.  Many of you might know Rex from when he competed for the Midwest Masters Club in the decathlon.  After he stopped competing, he continued to be involved with USATF on National committees and as a delegate to WMA.  Mark Cleary & Jerry Bookin-Weiner ran for Vice Chair with Jerry winning the election.  Secretary candidates were incumbent Joe Ols & Amanda Scotti.  Amanda won that election.  Amanda is part owner of the Masters Track & Field News publication.  Carroll DeWeese was relected treasurer by a unanimous vote.  After all this was completed, we awarded the 2019 Indoor Championships to Winston-Salem, North Caroline.  They hosted the meet in 2015.  Very nice facility.  They even have mondo surface in the bathrooms.

At the Friday afternoon session Robert Weiner – Media Chair – showed a video with highlights from the Indoor, Outdoor, and World meets.  Robert does an excellent job promoting Masters track & field.  We listened to bid presentation form Spokane, Washington and Ames, Iowa for Outdoor Nationals.  Spokane was awarded the 2018 meet and Ames was awarded the 2019 meet.  Both sites have excellent facilities and have hosted major meets in the past.  Newly elected USATF President Vin Lananna spoke to the group about his vision for the future.  Vin has some great ideas and the group urged him to help get more funding for our sport.

120 American & World records were approved.  10 records were rejected because the athletes did not get all the proper forms filled out and turned in.  One of the most important ones is that the meet is sanction by USATF.  30 records were in the process of being approved when they were surpassed by the same person.        

Mary Trotter gave her Awards Committee report. The Masters Hall of Fame inducted 5 new members. Irene Obera (W80) and Bill Collins (65) were named USATF Masters Track & Field Athletes of the Year.  Irene set 2 World Records and won 6 events at the World Meet in Perth.  Bill won the 100 & 200 at Worlds and at Nationals  He set two World Records at the National Indoor Meet in the 60 & 200.  Both Irene and Bill have been nominated for the WMA Athletes of the World Award.      

The Lifetime Athletic Achievement Award went to Christel Donley and the David Pain Distinguished Service Award went to Jeff Davison.


Carroll DeWeese gave his treasurer’s report.  The budget for 2017 will be around $220,000.00.  Rex Havey indicated that he will be lobbying USATF for more funding.  The surcharge that you see on the National Indoor & Outdoor entry forms helps bridge the gap between what USATF give us and what we actually need.  

Lake Erie,Illinois, Michigan, Ohio were in attendance at the Midwest Regional Meeting that was held on Friday afternoon.   We worked on the 2017 schedule and tried to make sure the association meets are not on the same weekend.  Most associations were just starting to finalize their schedules and so our schedule is not complete.  The Midwest Regional Meet will be held at Carroll University on June 25.  This meet may be moved to July 2.  Make sure to check our website often for updates.  

Phil Byrne gave a report on the World Championships held in Perth, Australia.  The meet went very well.  The US had the second highest medal total.  The host country had the most medals.  

USATF will hold webnars on doping starting in January.  Athletes who want to participate at World Championships and need a TUE need to get them from WADA not USADA.  


Some rule changes:  The Indoor Championships will have a 5K racewalk.  The 10K at the Outdoor Championships will be a road race.  70 and over cross country for men and women will now be a 6K race.

Stan Druckrey

Wisconsin USATF Masters Chair