National Officials’ Certification Regulation

Name Cert Level Email
Douglas Anderson Apprentice
Aubrey Aspen Apprentice
Tiffany Belongia Apprentice
Gisela Benning National
Dwight Benning National
Jeffrey Boeder Association
Michael Brown Apprentice
Elizabeth Bruening Master
Steven Cassar Apprentice
Judy Cisewski Association
Dana Collins Apprentice
Pamela De Witt Association
Michael De Witt Master
Matthew De Witt National
Stanley Druckrey Master
Alonzo Fuller National
Frank Furdek Master
James Hanke Association
Joseph Hanson Apprentice
William Haury Apprentice
Jon Hegge Association
Peter Henkes Master
Thomas Johnson Master
Robert Kern Master
John Klika Apprentice
Gary Knapper Apprentice
Richard Lambrecht Master
Cory Lockridge Apprentice
Dan Meyer Apprentice
John Miller Association
Aberdean Morton Apprentice
Dave Nickels National
Bob Oliphant Master
Robert Pedersen Master
Roy Pirrung National
Marlon Pitchford Association
Jay Preston Master
Patrick Pretty Master
Glen Rauwerdink Association
Pamela Rauwerdink Apprentice
Jack Rauwerdink Apprentice
Claudia Reardon Association
James Reardon Association
Stephen Schram Master
Neal Schuster Master
William Semmens Master
Jason Shimko Association
Scott Sponholz Association
Marcia Thurwachter Association
Katie Vannucchi Apprentice
Sheryl Wasiak Grossman Apprentice
Jeffrey Watry National
David Weidemann National
Alice Winkler National
Ronald Winkler National
John Woreck Association
Valentine Zibung Association


Officials play an important role in making thousands of events run smoothly. From working national championships to officiating high-school track meets, officials are essential for maintaining the highest levels of integrity at all levels of competition. This section offers resources for current officials, as well as those seeking certification.

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